We had agreed to spend the night at Leslie’s flat on campus because Carla didn’t want to go home alone and Michelle’s sister and nephew were staying at her apartment. By the time we got there we were all very tipsy, except for Michelle, who was already flat out drunk. She tumbled over the sofa as she approached the bed.

“I can’t believe she did that!” Carla exclaimed. Carla was the prude among us. She was referring to the lesbians in the club earlier who kept grinding on each other, even with an audience as everyone stared. Carla was the only one who was surprised as we’d all seen girl-on-girl action before. Some of us had even experienced it.

“Seriously, Carla!? You’ve never seen two girls kiss before???” Everything Michelle said sounded like screaming whenever she was drunk so I had to shush her for the third time.

“They were not kissing! She was finger-fucking her on the dance floor!”

“Ok Carla,” by this Leslie piped in, “but even straight girls mess around from time to time!” she declared, again a little too loudly. The shouting was clearly exacerbated/caused by her inebriation.

“Well I’ve never done it! Have you guys??” Carla looked at the three of us expectantly but everyone remained silent. I had already had sex with Leslie and Michelle and had fantasized numerous times about Carla but I had always avoided her while she was sober. She was the kind of girl who had to be drunk to allow that kind of experimenting and there’s a part of me that always felt like she would object.

“I’ve done it!” Michelle and Leslie answered simultaneously as all three of them stared at me. I didn’t need to answer as my sex life was an open book. I did whatever I wanted whenever I wanted with whoever I wanted. No apologies. 

“Come on Carla, seriously? You’ve never thought about it?” Leslie playfully licked her nipple through her top and she squirmed uncomfortably.

“Well I’ve thought about it but I’d never be brave enough,” her voice trailed off to a nervous shake and that was enough to excite me.

“Who said it’s about bravery?” I asked as I moved toward the bed to join them. By this Michelle was sprawled on her back staring at the ceiling half-asleep while Leslie was itching to make trouble. She was always a riot whenever she got drunk.

“Well, I wouldn’t know what to do,” her voice trailed off again and a chill ran down my spine. I leaned over Michelle to get closer to her and my boobs grazed Michelle’s lips. She stuck her tongue ring out and Carla blushed. She was wearing a skin tight tube dress and a thong with no bra. I deduced it would take 15 seconds to undress her.

“Who says you would need to know?” She looked confused, but I decided to continue and try my luck, “We’re all friends, we share everything. Why don’t you allow us to show you?” I could tell she was thinking about the idea. Before she could answer I was already over her. I hovered over her chest and allowed the ice I was chewing to melt onto her nipple. She shivered and tried to stifle the beginnings of a smile. It was barely there but I noticed it. I gently nibbled her nipple through the dress and they stood at attention in response. She still did not stop me. By now Michelle and Leslie were watching us, waiting for my signal to join in. I pulled the dress down to her waist exposing her breasts then before she could think to change her mind I pulled both the dress and the thong down to her knees and Michelle finished pulling them off.

Her nipples were erect, perfect peaks to the tiny mountains that were her breasts. I didn’t have to check/feel to know I was dripping wet. “I promise you’ll have fun. Just relax. And if you feel like stopping, say the word.” That was just a formality. We all knew that once we started she’d beg us to continue so there’d be no need to worry about stopping.

I reached for another piece of ice from the glass on the night table and slipped it between my lips, then I nibbled her left nipple while Michelle moved toward the right one. Leslie was busy setting up the camera so Camille could relive and enjoy the moment again and again. Once the camera was set up she moved to the bed to join us. She took over stimulating Carla’s left nipple while I started to move my tongue and lips down her chest and stomach. Her knees were firmly pressed together and I had to pry them apart to get to her centre. She hesitated and I had to use my hands. As my fingers slipped into her warmth and wetness I felt a pull on my clitoris.

Wanting to be gentle I eased one finger inside her and revelled in her reaction. She was enjoying it and I was pleased. She eventually opened her legs wider and I removed my finger to taste her. Michelle and Leslie looked up and I urged them not to stop. She was quivering under our touch and we were all enjoying it. I took two more pieces of ice and passed one to each of them with my lips, all this time making sure Carla was constantly stimulated. I returned to my position between her legs and continued to lick and nibble her. By this she was constantly moaning from the intensity of having both her nipples and her clitoris stimulated at the same time. The louder she moaned the wetter I got. Wanting to maximize her pleasure and give her the most intense orgasm possible, I eased upward a bit to insert two fingers into her wet and drooling centre while I continued to lick and caress her with my tongue.

She couldn’t hold it any longer and I smiled a knowing smile, but only because I knew all too well just how intense her pleasure was. I leaned in and heightened the intensity just enough and she screamed loud enough for the security at the campus’ main gate to hear. Still I didn’t stop. I wanted it to continue. I held her pelvis steady and nibbled gently, helping her to come down. By now Michelle and Leslie had moved to the other side of the bed, focusing on each other.

I smiled the smile of a powerful woman, as I remember each of their first times under my skillful touch. Somehow, it was a feeling that never got old. My cell phone ringtone interrupted my reverie and I checked the screen. No doubt Robert was leaving a message to inform me he would be back in Kingston tomorrow. Our engagement party was set for next week and he had to make the final arrangements in Ocho Rios between yesterday and today. I made a mental note to call him first in the morning as I moved to join Michelle and Leslie.

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