From the moment I actually started having sex I never knew what it was like to reach climax. Until I started having sex with my new man. His dixk isn’t that big but let me tell you! When he starts beating his dick on my clitoris before making his way in OMG! It’s a nice feeling…gently pushing it deeper and deeper. The deeper he goes the more intense it gets with a little slow whine. 

I won’t lie, the way how he makes me feel I weak out during sex. I reach my climax three times before I had to beg him to stop because my body was so weak I couldn’t manage another minute. It was a mind blowing experience for me. I am 28 and I always underestimated small axe, but Jah know. This small axe chop dung mi tree!



My best sex was after my birthday dinner in 2018. I had mad fun with my friends and lover that night – I had about 3 ‘Pink Pussy’ drinks. God Bless those guys who made it and what they put in it because that night I got home the room was on fire.

When I got home as I opened my door we started kissing and he undressed me slowly and then slid his hand inside my panty and started playing with my clit. I then started pulling his pants and slid my hand inside his underwear and started playing with his dick…we both started moaning and getting in the action even more.

I went down and gave him a mind blowing blowjob until he came in my mouth. I then got up and lay on the bed where he opened my legs like a lobster and started eating me like crazy. My mind and hands were all over the place. i came 5 times or more LOL…

He got up, kissed me slowly around my navel, then turned me over, held my throat and slid his dick inside me slowly while I bounced on it until he started giving me some hardcore backshot and moaning in my ears, which I enjoyed so freaking much! Whew….LOL.

That was my best of the best grind I ever got!