“You have come a long way baby” was a slogan used in a cigarette Company’s ad as women in the 80s became comfortable with putting a cigarette in their mouths.

Somehow there is always intrigue about what women do with their bodies and mouths in Jamaica. Mr. Vegas “Heads High” was a major hit, more than a decade later Vybz Kartel’s “Freaky Gyal” became a monster hit with opposing views about what a woman should be proud do with her mouth.

On a more serious note, Jamaica still continues to battle a 30% “jacket” rate where some guy think he is the father of another man’s child and long before the Smith’s brought their Entanglement to the Red Table “bun fi bun” had hit the theatrical stage and airwaves. The mystery of female sexuality has always been a major topic in Jamaica and in these modern times; the Sex News Network (SNN) will try to do what mankind has always battled with – figuring out the female sexual mind. Though we concede, we may not succeed with that goal, we promise to bring you the most provocative, controversial, daring and current information about female sexuality and how it affects their romantic relationships.

We will always encourage safe sex, attack domestic violence and encourage you to look out for human trafficking or sexual abuse everywhere. SNN shares Vybz Kartel’s sentiment expressed in his book where he states that he hopes we will no longer see an older man in a compromising position with a young girl and not wonder what is going. 

You will undoubtedly be intrigued by the content but we are not responsible for the sexual adventures females may be encouraged to try after subscribing to the SNN. We do however urge you to enjoy and remember to maintain social distancing.